Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the lake from my cabin?
Yes, you can see the lake from every cabin. Cabins 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 have more direct views of the lake.

How far is it from my cabin to the docks?  
No cabin is more than a few minutes walk to the docks (depending on how fast you walk). If you meander, stop for a beer, pick up some bait, chat with new friends, or listen to the loons, it could be much longer.

Where can I put my boat and trailer?
Boat & trailer parking is available off site within ¼ mile.

Can I beach my boat near my campsite?
Campsites are on a bluff so, no, unless you are a really good climber, we suggest not to do this. There is plenty of room on the hill near the docks and launch.

Do the campsites have fire rings?
Yes they all have fire rings but do not have grills.

Do the cabins have grills?
Yes, all cabins have charcoal grills

Do the docks have electricity?

Where’s the best fishing?
Depends on the time of year and weather. Our resort hosts will be happy to share the best fishing spots with you and may even take you out for some fishing if you ask.

Can I reserve a dock?
Docks are on a first-come / first-serve basis. A dock does come with each cabin.

Is this [campsite/cabin] available?
The reservation system we use on the website is the same one we use ourselves to check availability. If you’d like to check it out yourself before you are ready to reserve, you can see exactly what we see and exit the system before you are asked to enter your credit card information. You are always welcome to call if you prefer.

What type of towels are included?
Two bath towels for each bedroom are included. Kitchen towels are also included.

Can I set off fireworks at the resort?
No. There are many places to view fireworks in the area and we would be happy to provide information on those sites if you are interested.

Are there activities for children?
We are a family oriented resort and want the entire family to have fun at our place. There is volleyball, tetherball, swings, and a swingset with climbing at the resort. There is a group fire ring that overlooks the lake and we also periodically have activities oriented to children to give them fun things to do.

Do you have wifi or TV?
In the lodge, we have both wifi and TV for those who need to stay connected. The cabins and campground do not have connectivity. Many of our guests comment on how much they enjoy just talking with their families, going out to fish, enjoying a campfire, or taking a hike in the woods instead of electronics.

Do you allow pets?
Yes, as long as they are leashed at all times outdoors and you pick up poop (alas, there is no poop fairy to do it for you). Dogs must not be left alone while you are away if they tend to bark. If your dog barks for more than 15 minutes, we will first attempt to call you by the phone number we have on file and then find a kennel for them until you return. Pets are NOT allowed on the beds or furniture.

Can I have multiple tents on a campsite?  Can I have a tent on a campsite that also has a camper RV/trailer?
In short, no. If it is a pup tent for a couple of little kids, ok. But, otherwise, no.

Can I have a tent in the yard when I rent a cabin?
No. All campers need a separate campsite.

Fishing Guides

Please give us a call and we would be happy to forward on some names of local fishing guides. Most guides will meet you right at our resort.